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"Building in Miniature" teaches how to build HO scale vehicles.

"Shrinking Reality" is a documentary one Logging in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and covere the construction of the HO scale Woodstock Lumber Mill by Jim Harr and Brian Bollinger. There is a second feature on the video that in just about the construction of the model and includes lots of building tips.
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Our line of detail castings consists primarily of HO scale parts. The Skanky Yankee figures are also included in that list. All priced at under $5/package they are a real bargain!

We do have a small selection of O scale castings. These items are priced as marked.

Our peel-and-stick shingles make is convenient and easy to cover the roofs of your models. With several scales, colors, ans styles there is sure to be something for every modeler.

These are items that we just did not know how to categorize. You'll find items like etched brass lobster traps, shopping carts, and shelving to resin chimneys and smoke stacks to cast hydrocal foundation blocks - which are great for structure foundations, retaining walls and abutments.

Craftsman Kits
These are high quality HO scale kits that come with everything you need to complete the scene. These kits are generally comprised of laser cut wood, peel-and-stick shingles, and all the detail pewter castings or etched brass details parts shown in the photographs. Several kits also include hydrocal cast foundations. All these kits also contains step by step instructions with plenty of color photographs and diagrams.

These HO scale kits are stripped down versions of our premium kits allowing us to price them economically and allowing the modeler greater flexibility in customizing the model. They are typically smaller and consists of the four walls, the roof, windows, doors, and when applicable, signage. The instructions for these kits are generic, although, kits specific notes are included when necessary. These kits do not include roofing, such as shingles or corrugated metal. Nor do they include any detail parts shown in the photographs.

Need help with a project or want a special building custom built? We provide full service model building. We can create a model of a house for that friend that has everything or we can assist you in your scratch building projects. We can even assist you in becoming your own manufacturer!

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NOTICE: Sale of kits to Motrak Models

In the spring of 2016 Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains sold about 90 kits from it's line of craftsman kits to Motrak Models. For a while we did not produce any of these kits - as they were no longer ours. Then, for a while, so the customers could continue to get the models during the transition period, we did produce the kits and paid a royalty to Motrak Models.

As of May 31, 2019 we are considering these models to be 100% in the hands of Motrak Models and we will discontinue producing them.

We are committed to assisting Motrak Models in getting these kits back into production under the Motrak name.

Going back to 1996, when Jeff (Motrak) and Brian (BEST) were in the same model train club they would often help each other pack up orders. Jeff had about 3-5 resin car loads at the time and Brian had about 3 kits. So the history and commitment to assisting each other goes back several decades.

The following is a complete list of the kits Motrak Models purchased from Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains:

To purchase any of these kits you will need to contact Motrak.
Phone: 813-476-4784

1002 Salisbury Point Station
1004-A Alton Bay - Passenger Station
1004-B Alton Bay - Covered Platform
1004-C Alton Bay - Freight House
1005-A Sawyer River - Passenger Station
1005-B Sawyer River - Car House
1006-A Wolfeborough - Passenger Station
1006-B Wolfeborough - Freight House
1007-A Rockingham Junction - Station
1007-B Rockingham Junction - Freight House
1008 Berry Machine Shop - Limited Edition of 100
1009 Thompson Woodworking - Limited Edition of 100
1011 14 Elm Street
1013 Hub Cap Annie - Limited Edition
1014 Lisbon Milk Shed and Express Office
1016 Saratoga Coal - Yard Office
1018 Colchester Reef Light House
1019 Reddy's Market
1020 Post Office
1021 22ft Water Wheel
1022 Plewak's Provisions
1024 F. R. Nellis Billiard Hall
1026 15ft Water Wheel
1027 Whitman Barber Shop
1028 Bradley Wharf - Motif 1 - Limited Edition of 100
1029-A Logging Camp - 4 cabins and a mess hall
1029-B Logging Camp - 4 extra cabins
1030 Congress Mercado
1033 Ogden's Bookstore
1035 Sheepscot / Alna Center Station
1036-B Weeks Mills Freight House
1036-C Weeks Mills Water Tower
1037 Head Tide / N. Whitefield Station and Section House
1038 Phillips Beach Station
1039 Goodridge's Shoemaker Shop
1040 Billboards
1041 Helm Bath & Barber
1042 Agawam Fire Station No. 3
1043 Sally's House
1044 Hillcrest Manor - Victorian style home
1046 Nubble Light House
1047 Canal Gate House
1048 Bank of Tomichi and General Store
1049 James P. Cleator General Store
1050 Sail House - Limited Edition of 65
1051 Telegraph Office
1052 Miners Union Hall
1053 Morgue
1054 Tolleson Grocery and Past Time Pool Hall
1055 Methodist Church
1056 Bansner Feed
1058 Dulce Depot
1059-A Cimarron Depot
1059-B Cimarron Freight House
1060 Santa Fe Cafe
1063 Etta General Store
1066 Providence Fruit and Produce Warehouse
1067 Octagon Filling Station
1068 Elevated Signal Tower
1069 Elevated Crossing and Bridge Tower
1070 Marbles Station
1071 Lincoln Station (Lincoln, NH)
1074 Car Repair Shop
1075 Railroad Machine Shop
1077 Alton Fire Station - Limited Edition of 75
1078 The Clam Box - Limited Edition of 100
1080 Large Green Storage Barn
1081 Times Printing Office
1082 North Cohasset Station
1084 Section House - Limited Edition of 25
1088 North Hampton Station
1089 Maine Central Freight House
1090 Thomas Oyster Company
1091 Hayden Lithography - Limited Edition of 100
1092 J.D. Driggers - Shipsmith
1093 Mill House
1094 Merrimack Farmers Exchange
1095 Clough Service Station
1096 Fish Market and Boat Launch
1097 Fly's Photography Gallery
1098 Bodie Post Office
1099 Mono Mills General Store
1100 Lupo's Butcher Shop - Limited Edition of 50
1105 Louis Kings Wagon Making Shop / Ouray Stables
1107 R.J. Elwell - General Store - Limited Edition of 70
1108 Sardine Fishermans House
1109 K&D Service Station
1110 Philbrick and Hill Hardware
6002b O-Scale Weeks Mills Freight House