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M Trussell.
Warner (Davisville), New Hampshire.

Kit 1010

M Trussell kit

M Trussell kit

M Trussell prototype

Above: The structure as it origially looked.
Below: The structure as it is used today

Country Corner kit

Country Corner prototype

The first store in Davisville was located across the river from the present building. It was moved in 1823 by Aquila Davis and attached to his brick home on the hill for use as a shed. Lucretia Davis wrote in her memoirs that a second store was built on the site of the current Country Corner Store and was occupied by a Mr. Duby. It was a story and a half construction and had an outside stairway on the north which led up to a room where Seth Low had his cobbler shop.

Nathaniel Davis (lived in the old tavern) probably owned the shop and it was operated either by a member of the family or leased out.

In 1892 Henry C. Davis sold the store to his clerk, Moses Trussell who operated the store for many years. Trussell enlarged the building by adding another story and a wrap around porch and outside stairs. Trussell was also postmaster until 1908 when the branch was closed.

In 1919 the stock and store were sold to the Webber family for $4,000. Oakman Webber would manage the store while Augusta (his second wife) took in summer boarders during their tenure. Their home could accommodate fifty guests while the overflow would sleep in bedrooms at the store. The Webbers would sell the business in 1941. Since then the store has passed through a succession of owners.

Kit Dimensions:
   • Length: 3 3/4"
   • Width: 8"

This kit features:
   • Laser cut wood for easy assembly
   • Mold injected windows
   • Cast brick foundation
   • Several metal castings
   • Peel-and-stick shingles
   • Signs for both version of the structure
   • Simple step by step instructions
   • Proudly made in the USA

This kit contains small parts and is not intended for small children.

Price: 149.95

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