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Shingles Styles and Colors

We think our peel-and-stick shingles are the best on the market. They've been sold for over three decades. We have built up models with them on the roof and they're still sticking as good today as they did the day they were applied to the models. Also, our shingle colors also stay consistant in color over time - when not in direct sunlight. We have had customers wanting to match shingles to kits they purchased decades ago and their "new" sheets of shingles perfectly match their "old" sheets of shingles!

These shingles are made of paper and can be painted, stained or weathered with powders and chalks.

A few notes about the chart above: The syle images are not to scale. They just show the style and pattern of the shingles once applied to the model. Depending on your monitor settings, the colors may vary slightly. Not all styles are available in all scales.

For more information on specific scales and to order our shingles you can go to the pages for the specific scales by using the drop down menu item in our navigation bar or just click:

N Scale shingles

HO Scale shingles

O Scale shingles

3D shingles

We also produce a line of 3-D laser engraved wooden shingles. These shingles add a greater level of realism to your models.

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