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Preserving the History Behing the Models

Models and model making have been around for thousands of years. Models of boats have been found in tombs of the great Egyptian pharaohs. But models do more than just replicate an item, such as a structure or boat, they are representation of a way of life. In this new series SHRINKING REALITY Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains has teamed up with GK Creative to bring you the history behind the model making.

Building the Woodstock Lumber Mill
And the History of Logging in the White Mountins of New Hampshire.

In our first release, Building the Woodstock Lumber Mill, not only do we show you how the accurate model of the long gone lumber mill was build but we also interview authors, historians, and loggers to give you a picture of what life was like in the period when the lumber mill was in operation.

If you are interested in the history of logging in the White Mountains of New Hampshire you will find this documentary insightful and fun. We gathered old photos and film footage of the long gone logging operations that show exactly what the historians and loggers are talking about in their interviews.

And if you are into building models, there is a separate video in the Special Features sections that is packed with the year and a half long process of building the model of the Woodstock Lumber Mill. From CAD work, to laser cutting and casting, to assembly, to weathering, to showing off the model at a museum expo to delivering the model to the happy customer.

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